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Postby tsuckow » Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:24 pm

Well, someone submitted Background Pi to Softpedia. I would like to say thank you. I always find it good that people use your software and seem to like it. For being something that (*cough*) isn't really all that useful. But, I still think it's cool.

I am working on getting a visual studio 2008 project for it and rearranging the files in the repo. Dev-C++ is so antiquated that I feel bad for having it there.

I am looking to get a domain in the next few months, so we will see about that. I can hopefully very shortly afford it. I may look into some text only advertising to pay for it & possibly a dedicated server. I would have to rework the site to make a spot for it so I may only do advertising for my current project.

Background Pi will continue to operate but I think I will need to drop the new version simply for two reasons.
  1. It distracts from my other projects.
  2. It does basicly the same thing.
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