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FPS Binge

Postby Captain Thark » Tue May 20, 2008 5:11 pm

For some odd reason, the game Heretic has unlocked a previously unknown addiction to First Person Shooters.
This lead to installing Unreal II.
Which lead to getting the demo of Quake.
Which lead to getting the demo of Quake II.
Which lead to buying Unreal (the first one).
Which has made me interested in Gears of War.

Trying to get Hell: a cyberpunk thriller to work, I found a DosBox frontend called D-Fend Reloaded.
Which lead to reinstalling Realms of the Haunting.
I still have not gotten Hell to work.

I also tried tried to beat Half-Life 2, but I didn't play for long because I liked every other game (with the exception of Unreal II) better.
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